Thursday, 5 April 2012

15mm Discworld Lancre HOTT Army

For this year's tournament my brother Gus wanted to field the army of Lancre, based on Terry Pratchett's Discworld books - highly recommended reading for all HOTT players, although not to everyone's taste.

As he unfortunately suffers quite severely from MS it fell to me to construct the army.After studying the sources - primarily Wyrd Sisters, Lords and Ladies and Carpe Jugulum - we decided on:

Magician General - Granny weatherwax, Nanny Ogg and Magrat Garlik: 4AP
Hero - Jason Ogg and Shawn Ogg: 4AP
Behemoth - Big Jim Beef (the border guard troll): 4AP
Lurker - Greebo: 1AP
Hordes x 5 - assorted Lancre citizens: 5AP
Warband x 2 - Nac Mac Feegle: 4AP
Blade - Copperhead Dwarfs: 2AP

Stronghold - Granny Weatherwax's cottage.

Here are some pictures:

The three Witches: Magrat and Granny are from Magister Militum. Nanny Ogg is a Two Dragons Dark Age villager figure with the hat from another Magister Militum witch. It has subsequently been removed so that I can fit it on straight!

The Ogg boys: Jason is also a Two Dragons Dark Age villager. Shawn is an old Essex figure I think. As Shawn is notably short and Jason is on the large side, being a blacksmith, I raised Jason's side of the base to give him the impression of height.

Big Jim Beef: This is a Magister Militum Earth elemental. The suggestion to use this came from Paul Potter on the Fanaticus Forum Fanaticus Forum HOTT.

I think it works really well. As per his cameo in Carpe Jugulum he holds a yellow and black striped barrier pole and wears an old helmet that is far too small for him. Thanks Paul.

Greebo: This is an old 25mm Ral Partha familiar.  Again, I like the way it has turned out. However, I'm not sure that a Lurker really does Greebo justice. Perhaps a beast or even a behemoth would have been better.

The Nac Mac Feegle, or Pictsies: These are Irregular Miniatures 6mm Picts, although I could have used any similar figures.

Copperhead Dwarfs: Although they don't really figure in the stories, they are mentioned so we took them to add a bit of variety. These are Peter Pig dwarfs that I bought on eBay. I plan to replace them with some 15mm Asgard/Tabletop dwarfs that I have.

Granny's cottage: The cottage itself is another eBay purchase, the privy is from Peter Pig. The 'herbs' are from the minNatur range miniNatur. The tussock on the bases are also from this range which I highly recommend. I've still to add a pen and some goats.

The army perfomed well, without being a killer. Gus felt there were too many hordes so I have since added another two Pictsie warband elements. I plan to convert a Magister Militum wizard into Mustrum Ridcully, complete with crossbow. I might convert Ponder Stibbons to join him. This could be a shooter, magician or possibly a lurker. At the moment I'm thinking shooter, given Mustrum's down to earth huntin', shootin' and fishin' personality.

Other future alternatives will include the witches on their broomsticks as flyers, Greebo in human form as a(n anti-)hero and the Librarian, if I can track down a 15mm Orang Utang. Possible sources and suggestions for what element type he should be are welcomed.